Services Provided                                                     Seller Agency         Buyer Agency Agreement 

Provide property data                                                     yes                                     yes

Arrange property tours and showings                         yes                                     yes

Assist with financing                                                      yes                                     yes

Explain forms and agreements                                     yes                                     yes

Monitor closing                                                               yes                                     yes

Prepare property value study                                                                                   yes

Represent buyers on MLS listed properties,

    bank properties, auctions, for sale by owners

    and new construction                                                                                            yes

Promote and protect interest of buyer at all times                                               yes

Advise the buyer even if it means pointing out

   reaons not to buy                                                                                                     yes

Disclose all research about the property

   history and liens                                                                                                      yes

Negotiate best price and terms in favor

  of the buyer                                                                                                                yes

Structure offer with buyer's interest in mind                                                         yes

Keep buyer's financial capabilities and thoughts

   confidential unless authorized to disclose                                                           yes

Negotiate home inspection repairs in favor

   of the buyer                                                                                                               yes


Benefits of a Buyer's Agency Agreement