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My goal is to help you make wise real estate decisions.

In doing this I need to be honest and forthright; sometimes you’ll love what I have to say…sometimes I may point out things you may not see, or want to hear, about the current market, how your home compares to the ‘competition’, or what the listing—and potential—selling price of your home could be. Ultimately, I’ll work hard to become your trusted real estate advisor and counselor…not just your broker.


I offer you the highest level of service by providing you an in-depth seller analysis, by taking into consideration all the issues that come into play when you sell your home including your financial goals, your individual timeline, and what plans you have once your home sells. I offer personal service and I do not hand you off to anyone else. Communication is the key to our working together as a team.

Once I have completed your analysis, we’ll sit down together and map out a comprehensive strategy to get your home sold within the parameters that we have defined. We’ll discuss pricing, staging, and marketing, as well as what you can expect not only in the first few weeks your home is on the market, but what we’ll be doing until you home is sold.

And rest assured I will not forget you after closing—I feel it’s important that you’re kept abreast of the market so that you can continue to make informed real estate investment de-cisions. You’ll receive regular market reports, articles and information from me, and we’ll stay in touch via phone and/or email so that I can answer any questions you might have.