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April 5, 2018

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5 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home

September 19, 2016



While major renovations can deliver big returns, they are also a big drain on your pocket book.  Why not spend less, while still making a dramatic impact?  Here are some simple, cost-effective solutions that can add value to your home, and increase a buyer’s interest. 


1.  “Curb appeal” landscaping.


This is by far the cheapest cost-per-square-foot makeover that you can perform on your home.  A yard makeover can be a dramatic and moneymaking upgrade—and it’s inexpensive and more quickly completed than many other renovations.


Because the exterior of the home is the first thing a buyer sees, it makes sense to invest a little money on landscaping.


2.  Paint.


A paint job can be just the fresh lift your home needs.  Think of it as a “face


lift” for your home.  A tiny bit of new color can go a very long way in terms of updating your home’s appearance.


 Think about turning those drab white walls into bright pastels that transmit energy to a room or hallway.  Or perhaps you have a space that would really come to life when painted in a soft, neutral color.  Paint is an extremely cost-effective way to add value to your home.


3.  Flooring.


A simple flooring job can cost a loss less than you may think.  Even refinishing hardwood floors adds an incredible amount of value to your home.


Outdated flooring tells everyone exactly how old your home is, especially if it’s vinyl.   Whether you select tile, carpet, hardwood, cork, or laminate, a simple flooring makeover can make your home seem fresh and new.


4.  Window coverings.


Window coverings can dramatically change the look of a room, and a beautifully dressed window can draw attention away from less desirable features in a room.  Your current window coverings may benefit from fresh trimmings or other enhancements.  Think about replacing heavy window coverings with something lighter.  As we head into winter you will want to maximize the amount of light coming in to your home.  In comparison to other upgrades, changes to window coverings are easy on your wallet while packing a wallop of an effect.


5.  De-clutter.


You may not think you have a lot of “stuff”, but when selling a home, the rule-of-thumb is “less is more”.  It’s time to put that old cabinet of your grandmother’s into storage!


A lean and clean look—meaning the bare minimum of furniture and décor—creates the most dramatic impression when potential buyers are viewing your home.


There you have it!  Renovation doesn’t necessarily mean thousands of dollars and weeks of construction crews.  A little patch here and a little paint there might just get you the top dollar you want for your home.


Want more home selling tips?  Just give me a call at (206) 730-0962 or send an email to  I have a few more penny-pinching ways to add value to your home.



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