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Housing Market Back to "Pressure Cooker Situation" But Brokers Remind Sellers "Pricing Is Still Important"

April 5, 2018

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April 4, 2018

When I’m working with a buyer, they are my “client” and I am bound to look after their best interests.  BUT…..

Not all people are created equal and sometimes buyers do some things that even make “my” skin crawl.

Most home buyers are just fine.  As a matter of fact, probably 99% of home buyers know how to conduct themselves in someone else’s property.  For the 1% out there, however, here’s a list of the “don’ts”….

If you’re reading this and none of this applies, I have other articles about buying that you may like.


99.9% of the time buyers will be working with a Realtor and the agent will set up a showing at a certain time and day.  On the other hand, it’s not cool to just pull up in the driveway and start walking around the property unannounced. Also, it’s good protocol to schedule a showing at least 24 hours in advance for an occupied home.  Sometimes this is impossible but do the best you can.  



You cannot bring your pets into a strangers home, period.  I am the biggest dog lover on the face of the earth but you can’t bring your dog, ferret, or parrot into their home…..Yet.  Once you close you can do anything that you want (unless you want to raise chickens in a home owner’s association).  

     , as long it's a cool day, you may want to bring your pet with you in the car but please clean up any messes when you let them out to go “potty”.  Not everyone is like me.  Some sellers may hate pets so if they find a land mine in their front yard, you’re already getting off on the wrong step with negotiations if you decide to make an offer.  


Some of you are thinking now that I’m joking.  I’m not. This rule does not apply when you are purchasing a fully furnished home because you are buying everything from the walls, paint, coffee table, and salt shaker.  

     If the home is not being sold fully furnished, you cannot lay in their bed.  As inviting as it might be, you cannot do it.  Resist the urge!!  The seller’s bed is personal space.


Some buyers feel the need to lay down in the home owners tub.  Yes, you are more than likely purchasing the tub with the home but can’t you just estimate how you would look in it versus actually laying in it?  Avoid personal space.


Most of us have kids.  Heck, if we didn’t, the world would die off.  I also understand that you may want your kids in the decision of the home buying process.  

     I’m all for bringing your kids to a showing, just keep them on a leash.  They don’t understand that the seller’s personal items are out.  They won’t think that there’s anything wrong with opening up night stand drawers.  

They might not like what they see, for one.

     The biggest problem is that they are potentially touching personal items of the seller that doesn’t come with the house.  That’s a no no.  What would be even more mortifying is if they were jumping on the couch or the bed of the seller!!



Yes, it’s very difficult to not go when you have “to go” bad and there’s 2 toilets right THERE!  If you’re touring several homes, plan ahead.  Know where the local Taco Bell or gas station is.  Other than normal sanitary reasons, it’s just not a good idea to use the seller’s bathroom.  I remember one time when I walked in on my own client (female) in a seller’s home.  You can’t put that image out of your head.  I’m a Realtor and I open doors. At the very least lock the door!


Yes, the seller wants your offer but understand that unless they are at work, they are having to leave for you to see their home.  It’s their home!  Most of this potential problem can be resolved by your buyer’s agent but sometimes buyer’s want to “drag their feet”.

     If I have a buyer that wants to look at several homes, I usually schedule 20 minutes per house (not including drive time).  I’m always looking at my watch.  You want to get what you want by seeing the property, but also respect the owners.  


I get it.  If you love the house, you’ll want to hang out and see more.  You’ll want to picture yourself there.  There has to be a happy medium though.  Many times buyers can’t see homes until after working hours during the weekday.  Well, the sellers are probably trying to figure something out for dinner. 

     Just try to work with each other.  The buyer may buy and the seller definitely wants to sell.  I recently sold a condo in Gulf Shores where the buyer “camped out” in the home for nearly 2 hours during dinner time.  My client was sitting outside with her 2 dogs the whole time.  The buyers and their agent were apparently just sitting around the table talking most of the time. 


I always tell buyers to feel free to open up closet doors and cabinets, as they will be buying that too.  They will want to see how the space works as far as storage goes.  A quick look is far different than rumaging through their personal items though. 

     If the home or condo is vacant and being sold fully furnished, that’s one thing.  Personal items that are left are a package deal and those personal property items will be listed on a separate addendum.  Otherwise, there is no green light for buyers to touch clothes hanging in the closet or open drawers in the night stand.


We all have opinions.  You may hate the wallpaper in the dining room and I may love it but can you wait to voice your opinion until we’re outside?  Most of the time sellers won’t be present when we’re touring their home but sometimes they stick around.  One time I was showing a home and my buyer client was very opinionated and vocal.  The seller was in the next room.  Very awkward!

Never forget that even though the seller wants to sell, it’s always best to go with the golden rule on this one.  We can all laugh in the car.  If you do decide to buy, negotiations may lean in your favor if you have been nice and not insult the seller.


For more information on buyer's etiquette or to schedule a showing and try these on, call Nina at 206-730-062 or email me at

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